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10 Tray Convection Oven, 3 Deck Oven, and 8 Tray Proofer


The Milano Artisan Fusion Combi Convection, Deck Oven And Proofer features a two, 5 pan convection oven. Fusion™ airflow and moisture management systems are designed to produce an even bake that you just can’t find on other foodservice convection ovens. Steam capability comes standard on all Fusion™ ovens. Milano Artisan Fusion™ combination Convection Deck Oven & Proofer offers bakeries exceptional flexibility and versatility in a compact package.

Milano Artisan Fusion™ combi offers a three pan wide, modular-deck oven features a heavy-duty reinforced single-stone hearth on each deck. This heavy-duty hearth provides the oven with excellent thermal retention properties. You’ll enjoy the “old world” baking characteristics. The unique self-contained steam system features elements that are not exposed to water as well as 3 steam exit ports. A large volume of steam can be generated and evacuated quickly, for crusty bread products. Each deck is independent with seperate temperature, timer and control of upper, lower and front heat for an even bake.

Fusion Combi also offers a fully automatic humidification proofer system with fans to distribute steam evenly.

  • One year parts/labor warranty
  • 24/7 nationwide service
  • CE Approved. Complies to UL Standards

  • Models Available:

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